You Have Some Important Things To Share.

Communication is an umbrella issue that covers and affects every single part of your church. And communicating well–or not–can have significant consequences for the people you lead.

But Creating An Effective Communication Strategy Can Be Overwhelming.

Let’s face it, you already have a full plate juggling all of your responsibilities, and more often than not communication can become the last thing on your list. Sharing all of the great things your church is doing can become a chore, instead of a joy.


What if there was a better way?

What if there was a system that you could quickly adapt that could revolutionize the quality and effectiveness of your communication?

What if there was someone who could help you make communicating easy?


Welcome to VideoAnnouncements.TV!

VATV creates beautiful, custom, HD video announcements that you can use every week in your services, throughout your facilities and across all of your social media and web platforms.